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Crown Vinyl D017

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Decoration Laminate Series


SlipASTM C-1028 ADA: Pass
Light StabilityISO 105 B02:6or above
Dimensional StabilityEN 434: Pass
Curling After Exposure to HeatEN 434: Pass
DimensionEN 427: Pass
Overall ThicknessEN 428: Pass
Wear Group Classification (1.00 mm)EN 649: Class 33,42
Abrasion ResistanceEN660-2(volume loss):6.94mm3/100r
Residual IndentationEN 433: Pass
Tensil StrengthUP to 1450 ibs/sq.inch
Thermal Conductivity0.186 watt/mk
Castor Chair ResistanceASTMF 1514: Pass
Chemical ResistanceEN 423: Pass
FlexibilityEN435/ASTM f137-03: Pass
Sound ReductionDIN52210:4db
FlammabilityGB/T11785-89/ASTM E648: > 45watt/cm-class 1
Smoke DensityDIN4102/ASTM D2843-99: Class B1
Electrical ResistanceEN 1081 method C:Pass

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