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Laminate Krono Swiss 4941

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Utilisation Categories


AC 1 / KI. 21
Bed-, Guestrooms

AC 2 / KI. 22
Living-, Dinning Rooms

AC 3 / KI. 23
Kitchen-, Entrance Halls


AC 4 / KI. 31
Hotel Rooms, Small Offices

AC 5 / KI. 32
Offices, Boutiques

AC 6 / KI. 33
Stores, Corridors


Suitable for Bedrooms

Suitable for Kitchens

Suitable for Office Space

Suitable for Living Rooms

Suitable for Dinning Areas

Suitable for Hotels

Suitable for Shops

Test Standard Test Institute Test Result
EN 13329 WKI Resistance to impact test Impact Test Category NK 23-31: IC1, NK 32: IC2, NK 33: IC3
EN 120 WKI Externally controlled formaldehyde Test E1 HDF
EN 13329 WKI Resistance to Staining Group 1-2: LEvel 5, Group 3: Level 4
EN 13329 WKI Resistance to light Blue wool scale: not worse than 6, Grey MAtter: No worse than 4
EN 13329 WKI Resistance to burning cigarette Level 4
EN ISO 9239-1, EN ISO11925-2, EN 13501-1 MPA Reaction to Fire Flame-retardant, Building Class Cfl-s1
EN 13329 WKI Effect of a moving Furniture coaster No visible reaction to coaster type O
EN 13329 WKI Wheelchair Test No visible changes or damage, as defined in EN 425
DIN 52612 eph Thermal Conductivity λ10.tr = 0.17 W/m⋅K, Suitable for underfloor heating (medium: water)
Disposal Disposal as per household waste

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