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Laminate Teako 3075

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Decoration Laminate Series


CharacteristicRequirement of prEN13329 Ac3Requirement of GB 18102-2007
Thickness of element,tΔ taverage ≤0.5mm, on nominal value tmax-tmin ≤0.5mmThe same
Length of the surface layer,lFor the nominal values given, no measured value shall exceed: |≤1500: Δ|≤0.5mm |>1500mm: Δ|≤0.3mm/mΔ|≤1.0mm , Δ|≤2.0mm
Width of the surface layer, wΔ Waverage ≤0.1mm, on nominal value Wmax-Wmin ≤0.2mmThe same
Squared of the element, qΔ | Δ Waverage ≤0.1mm, on nominal value | Wmax | Wmin ≤0.2mm, qmax ≤0.2mmNo requrement
Straightness of the surface layer, sqmax ≤0.3mm/mThe same
Flatness of the element, fMaximum single values: fw,concave ≤0.15% fw,convex ≤0.20% fi, concave ≤0.50% fi,convex ≤1.00%The same
Openings between element, oOaverage ≤0.15mm , Omax ≤0.2mmThe same
Height difference between elements, hhaverage ≤0.1mm , hmax ≤0.15mmThe same
Dimensional variations after changes in relative humidity, δ l, δ wδ laverage= δ waverage ≤0.9mmNo requirement

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