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Try our SPC Flooring material that could make your interior more beautiful. We Deco Project Trading helps you to achieve this.... We have a variety of colors and models that you can choose from.

SPC stands for stone plastic composite and is designed to look exactly like traditional flooring materials like stone, ceramic, concrete, or wood while also providing a number of functional advantages. SPC allows for a wide range of design concepts by combining realistic photographic prints with a clear, vinyl top layer. SPC can be laid in one of two ways: with adhesive or as a floating floor. Our material is floating floors. The fact that SPC vinyl flooring is totally waterproof is one of the most appealing features. Unlike many of the flooring products it imitates, the strong PVC core layer of these planks can withstand liquids and spills. SPC is typically less expensive than premium floors such as hardwood or stone that it imitates.

SPC is softer than other flooring materials like wood or stone. It's additionally greater cushy to stroll on and decreases noise, that is a key function for plenty facilities. SPC is a good deal less difficult to keep than different luxurious flooring as it in no way wishes to be sanded or sealed. Because it's far absolutely waterproof, all you want is a wet mop to smooth it. We can provide you with samples and help you in deciding on the proper ground and other facilities.

The tongue and groove feature on most SPC vinyl planks allows them to readily click together. SPC does not need to be attached to the subfloor, however, it may be required in some sections or locations in your facility. SPC Flooring is used for indoor areas mainly.

Deco Project Trading has a large collection of SPC Flooring materials in Qatar. We are happy to make your home or office to the next level of beauty.

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